Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

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1. Procedural reflection in programming languages

January 25, 1982. Certified by __. / Peter Szolovits. Thesis Supervisor. Accepted
by. Arthur C. Smith. Chairman, Departmental Graduate Committee. iilEERi #-.
Page 2. Preliminaries Procedural Reflection 2. Abstract .... The 3—LISP Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

2. PhD Thesis - Semantic Scholar

large, such as reflective analysis and design, are out of the scope of this thesis.
Also, this thesis is definitely experimental, rather than theoretical, and hence
does not propose a formal treatment of the subject. Finally
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

3. Reflection and Hyper-Programming in Persistent - arXiv

This thesis should be referenced as: Kirby, G.N.C. “Reflection and Hyper-
Programming in Persistent Programming Systems”. Ph.D. Thesis, University of St
Andrews (1992).
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

4. The Semantics of Reflective Systems - Fran鏾is-Ren?Rideau

Nov 23, 2017 ... I originally started work on this PhD thesis in 1997, but stopped in 2000 and only
restarted .... Cantwell Smith's 1982 thesis[23] made explicit the thinking about
reflection in Programming. La
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

5. Practical Reflection and Metaprogramming for Dependent Types

Nov 2, 2015 ... This dissertation also describes error reflection, in which Idris code can rewrite
DSL er- ror messages before presenting domain-specific messages to users, as
well as ... I would especially like to thank my
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

6. Symbiotic Reflection between an Object-Oriented and a Logic

Symbiotic Reflection between an. Object-Oriented and a Logic Programming
Language. Roel Wuyts, St閜hane Ducasse. {roel.wuyts | ducasse}
. Software ... language in symbiotic reflection with the object-oriented

Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

7. An Exploration of Relationships between Reflective - Computer

and restricting them in certain ways. This allows us to use the reason- ing
mechanisms provided by the call-by-value A-calculus for reflective programming.
...... PhD thesis, Stanford. University, 1985. Alfred Tarski. The semantic <
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

8. Flexible metaprogramming and AOP in Java

Metaprogramming and AOP. After the seminal work of Brian C. Smith on
computational reflection [5,32], and the marriage of reflection and object-oriented
programming by Pattie Maes [6], many attempts have been made to
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

9. Reflection in logic, functional and object-oriented programming: a

Proc. of the IJCAI'95 Workshop on Reflection and Metalevel Architectures and
their Applications in AI. pp. 29–38. August 1995. Reflection in logic, functional
and object-oriented programming: a Short Comparative Study. Franç
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

10. programming with types - Penn Engineering - University of

PROGRAMMING WITH TYPES. A Dissertation. Presented to the Faculty of the
Graduate School of Cornell University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Degree of. Doctor of Philosophy ... Stephanie Claudene Weirich, Ph.
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis)

11. Andrew Forward's PhD Thesis on Attributes and - 400 Bad Request

Facilitating the Representation of Attributes and Associations in the Umple Model
-Oriented Programming Language by. Andrew Forward. PhD Thesis ... expressed
in either diagrammatic or textual form, we enable what we have termed t
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

12. Process-mediated Planning of AEC Projects through Structured

A Thesis. Presented to. The Academic Faculty by. Johan M. Verheij. In Partial
Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree. Doctor of Philosophy in the .... 5.5
Modeling a Structured Dialogue for Design-Build Project Deliv
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

13. Promoting Computer Literacy Through Programming - CiteSeerX

Jan 29, 2000 ... dissertation. In order to communicate with a computer a programmer must use a
language. Although there are many computer languages from which to .....
Although both sets of literacy skills, reading and writing t
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

14. Dissertation Movement, Resource Selection, and the Physiological

Dissertation. Movement, Resource Selection, and the Physiological Stress
Response of. White-bearded Wildebeest. Submitted by. Jared A. Stabach.
Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. In partial fulfillment of the requirements.
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt


Apr 25, 2006 ... this dissertation study include angular intensity distribution, illuminance
distribution and visual effect. ... Ph.D. Program Director, Professor Meredith Davis
; the Ph.D. faculty at the
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

16. a programming system for end-user functional programming abu

ABU SALEH MOHAMMED MAHBUBUL ALAM. A thesis submitted to. The
University of Gloucestershire in accordance with the requirements of the degree
of. Doctor of Philo
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

17. PhD Thesis - Durham e-Theses - Durham University

Durham E-Theses. Algorithmic Compositional Methods and their Role in.
Genesis: A Multi-Functional Real-Time Computer. Music System. LYWOOD-
MULCOCK, JULIAN, ... The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

18. Software for modeling protein-bound DNA - Iowa Research Online

PH.D. THESIS. This is to certify that the Ph.D. thesis of. Mary Therese Padberg
has been approved by the Examining Committee for the thesis requirement for ...
for his programming advice and for creating
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

19. a contribution to the clinical validation of a generic method - ORCA

PATHOLOGICAL KNEE FUNCTION. Gemma Marie Whatling, M.Eng (Hons). PhD
Thesis. 2009 ...... as a clinical report and a team of experts interpret the kinetic,
kinematic and electr
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

20. dynamic simulation of cross-country skiing - Doria

Dec 19, 2017 ... Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology) to be presented with .....
A visual comparison can be made using Figure 1.5. (a) Speed skater [86] .....
reflective markers. Experiments
Tags:Reflective procedural programming (phd thesis).txt

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